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Company Philosophy:

Production-led, Demand-oriented, actively build supporting terminal facilities and gradually improve the industrial institutions.

Management Tenet:

People-oriented, Benefit First, Keeping Pace with the Times, With Noble Aspirations in China

Strategic Rules:

1) Actively promote capacity expansion and strive to have the phase-II project put into production and operation in the second half of 2015, by when the natural gas processing capacity will be improved to 130 million m3, and the annual output of LNG will be up to 96,000 tons.

2) As the only LND manufacturing enterprise in Chengdu city, DORO will, actively according to the requirements of the Municipal Energy Bureau, give priority to guarantee to the gas source supply of Chengdu LNG Peak-shaving Repository, and support the development demands of Chengdu LNG Gas Station and LNG Buses first.

3) With the promotion and use of LNG heavy trucks and ships, DORO will actively promote the application of the “fuel to gas” technology and speed up the layout, investment and construction of LNG gas stations, so as to meet the gradually increased LNG market demand.

4) Pay attention to giving play to the industry and technology advantages, focus on promoting natural gas supply to urban and rural resident pipelines and the construction of related supporting facilities, and actively participate in the development and utilization of CBM (coalbed methane), coke oven gas, landfill gas, and other resources.