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Doro Energy actively organizes its employees to study the spirit of the Nineteenth Party Congress

In order to further study and publicize the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we will guide all employees to unite their ideological and cognitive actions with the Party's spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and earnestly create an entrepreneurial and progressive enterprise atmosphere. On November 11, the company organized all employees to study the Party’s ten The contents of the meeting of the Ninth Congress and the spirit of the meeting

    Chairman Zhao always attached great importance to the study of the Nineteenth Congress and made arrangements and requirements in person. At the meeting, all staff carefully watched the excerpt video of the work report that Chairman Xi made at the 19th opening ceremony. Professor Zhanba Zengli emphasized that learning the spirit of the Nineteenth Congress is not formalism but the actual work needs, especially in foreign communication. The understanding of the spirit of the Nineteenth Congress not only represented personal literacy but also the display of corporate image. At the same time, the report mentioned in the 19th report focused on solving outstanding environmental problems, adhered to the principle of universal governance, prevention at the source, continued air pollution prevention and control, and won the Battle of the Blue Skies, and was closely related to the company’s clean energy business. All employees should attach great importance to the learning of the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party and pay attention to the construction of corporate culture.

    At the same time, Pakistan always speaks of corporate culture as the collective soul of enterprises, the source of corporate spirit and the intangible assets of enterprises. Doing a good job of corporate culture is to enhance the company's quality, is the spiritual force to promote the development of the enterprise, and is the basis for doing a good job in daily work. In the construction of corporate culture, we must pay attention to the combination of reality, use for me, and pay attention to the effects. We must adopt multiple forms, multiple channels, multiple elements, persist in accumulation, and participate together, and improve together.