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Qingzhou Leisure Day Tour Completes Successfully

In order to promote mutual understanding among employees, enhance team cohesion, strengthen corporate culture construction, and enrich the cultural life of employees, the company organized a leisure day trip to Qingzhou on September 18.

    Qingzhou has a long history, splendid culture, and numerous cultural relics and historic sites. It has become a historical and cultural city. At 6 o'clock in the morning, we set up for Miaozi Town, where there is an ancient village called Huanglujing. This is the first stop on our journey. The tour takes about 1 hour. There is a reservoir in front of the village, and the village is backed by the mountain. Because “there are pictures before and after,” it is known as a feng shui treasure place. The quaint ancient villages are set amidst the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the mountains are beautiful and the feng shui is wonderful. Hawthorn has a wide variety of plants, rich in exotic flowers and plants, miscellaneous plants in the mountains and plains, and continuous streams and streams. The history of the Yellow Deer well-rounded talents, Juren, Xiucai Zhao Chao visible, the village has also retained the text of the ancient man, the former residence of Wujuan Laoqing stone road, ancient Cooper, well-preserved ancient house, are telling people the legend of the vicissitudes of life. The second and third stations are also natural ancient villages that have not been carved or engraved. After visiting the ancient villages, we came to Qingzhou Ancient Street, where Han, Hui, Manchu and other ethnic groups were brought together. More than 20,000 aborigines completely continued the traditional context of the ancient Qingzhou region. Longsheng cakes, Jincheng Yaopu, Luweiju, etc. More than 400 time-honored shops and specialty shops, more than 100 traditional restaurants in Qingzhou, continue the prosperous city of Haishu....

    At 5 pm we embarked on a return journey to complete the tour in a pleasant and satisfying atmosphere. In this rare travel of relaxing the mind, colleagues took care of each other and helped each other, increased the chances of communication, increased mutual feelings, and created a united and harmonious team atmosphere. We look forward to the next re-start!