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Congratulations on Doro EnergyEnergy's being named the first batch of science and technology enterprises in Dongying City in 2017

 Doro Energy has been making unremitting efforts for a long time, R&D technology has constantly been innovative, team building and various systems have been continuously improved. In July 2017, Dongying City Technology Bureau was awarded as “the first batch of technology-based companies in Dongying City in 2017”!


   Scientific and technological enterprises refer to scientific and technical personnel who are mainly engaged in scientific research, development, production, and sales of high-tech products. The main contents are the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, technological development, technical services, technical consultation, and hi-tech products. To guide the implementation of "knowledge-intensive economic entities with self-financing, voluntary combination, self-management, self-financing, self-development, and self-discipline." In short, science and technology SMEs are companies with innovation as their mission and means of survival.


    Doro Energy has always been committed to providing customers with quality services as their responsibility, and technological innovation as the driving force for development, independent research and development of hybrid hydrocarbon storage tanks with remote control level gauges and other six computer software copyright has been certified by the National Copyright Administration.


   The honor given by the country is recognition of Derun Energy's existing scientific and technological achievements. In the future, Derun Energy will continuously enhance its ability to innovate, compete in the market, and maintain sustainable development. It will continue to strengthen its ability to innovate in technology while being bigger and stronger. In the development of science and technology enterprises, we will take a new step!