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Initial results are ready to go – clips for gas station promotions

Recently, the company's gas stations have made a good start for the promotional activities carried out by Lihuayi's customers. Among them, the average daily sales of Anxing gas stations have increased by 40%.

  In April of this year, the director of the Yanjiatang led the stationmaster and staff to conduct detailed visits, view the surrounding consumption environment and traffic conditions on the spot, consult the surrounding sites, and thoroughly understand the needs of the customers in the enterprises and villages. After acquiring and arranging a large number of research materials, they discussed the future marketing strategy with the webmaster and staff. After in-depth analysis and discussion, they finally determined that “Elihuayi is the breakthrough point, and the company gradually covers the surrounding enterprise customers. The formation of regional brands" strategic ideas.

  On April 25, the director of Yan Jia Tang led the printing of the well-designed “Peace Card”. He led the team personally, rushed to the front of the team, and went to Lihua Yi’s office building, factory area, and workshop to issue cards and answer questions. Under the leadership of General Manager Zhai, the enthusiasm of the employees was also exceptionally high, and the work efficiency was greatly improved. Soon, our safety card became a “baby”, and many customers who did not get the “Ping card” took the initiative to find out.

  On April 27th, the number of customers and sales volume began to rise, and then the daily sales volume climbed steadily. As of April 30, the daily average sales volume reached 3,500 liters in just four days.

  This is a good start. We will take this effort and work harder to further improve our marketing plan, inspire employees to work enthusiasm, and strive to achieve a greater leap in sales! (Anxing gas station Li Jihui feed)