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DORO Energy Holds the "March 8th" Women

Spring in March, spring season. On March 8th, in order to give all female employees a festive blessing, create a festive atmosphere. Our company organizes all female employees to carry out outdoor activities in the Garden Expo Park, walk out of the outdoors, and get close to nature.


    Dongying Garden Expo Park is located in the country park pre-planned by Jinhu Yinhe Ecological Project. It is located in the Dongying Ecological Zone and has more than 30 exhibition parks. It is an important part of the Jinhu Galaxy Project in Dongying City.


    We temporarily put down the busy work and feel the nature. On the way, the companions all the way to sing and sing, play and play, and in the middle of enjoying nature, they visited the Peony Sheng Temple in Heze Garden and felt the bridges of the Jinan Garden, and realized that the Garden Expo Park has a vast area and a variety of plants. Release fatigue from past work and gain deeper friendship with each other. In the beauty of nature, I spent a relaxed and happy "March 8" festival.

    My company has always been concerned about the work and life of female employees, from maternity leave to job responsibilities and other aspects, to provide women workers with the most complete benefits and work plans. The outbound activities organized by Women’s Day on March 38th is one of the concrete benefits provided to female employees. This activity further enhanced the collective cohesion, which not only enriched the amateur cultural life of female employees, but also enabled female employees to fully devote themselves to this year’s work with more energy and high morale.