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Congratulations on the grand opening of DORO Energy Fuyuan Gas Station

  The weight of the old town shows the old age, and the triumphant greet guests. On January 16, Doro

Energy's second gas station in Lijin County - Fuyuan Gas Station was grandly opened.

  Fuyuan Station is located at the junction of major roads, traffic volume is large, gas stations are sincere and caring service, and high quality oil products are regarded as the business philosophy. They provide services for refueling and convenience shopping for the surrounding vehicles.

 During the opening hours, there was a big discount, with gasoline falling by RMB 1.2/liter, and diesel down by RMB 0.5/liter. Derun Energy, a chain-type gas station model, brings great convenience to customers. Derun Energy will be sincerely in place of service, rest assured that high-quality oil products, carefully manage every gas station!