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DORO Energy Anxing Gas Station is about to open for trial

After the efforts of all the company's staff and preparations for many days, the completion of all procedures for the Derun Energy Anxing gas station will be completed soon.


     Anxing Gas Station is located in the northeast corner of Jin Er Road and Li 11 Road. The transportation is convenient and the geographical position is superior. It occupies an area of more than 10 acres, 9 tankers, 92#, 95# and other types of oil products are complete. The station also has an "Easy-Jie" convenience store, card sales, free water, and convenience services. It can use cash and CUP cards to refuel. Convenience store products are numerous and are ideal for you to come to the station for fuel and convenience.


    As DeRun Energy's first gas station in Lijin, we will uphold the core values of integrity, devotion, innovation, and innovation. We will always be responsible for the "supply of oil and development of Lijin," and will provide Lijin people with high quality oil products. And service, to contribute to the development of Lijin.


    During the trial operation of the gas station, multiple gifts were sent. Gasoline shocking price: 3.99 yuan / liter, diesel shocking price of 3.88 yuan / liter, sincerely look forward to your visit.