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Shengli Doro Energy Co., Ltd. has successfully completed its training

From June 25 to June 26, 2016, the sun was shining and the voice was flying. 32 employees from Shengli Doro Energy Co., Ltd. came to the 

training base of the Tianma Island, southern Fujian, to develop a two-day team building training program.

   The purpose of this development training is to cultivate team spirit, cooperation awareness and enterprising spirit, and to fully enhance 

the trainee's personality quality, psychological quality and team spirit. During the training, the participants randomly formed two training 

teams. Each team improvised a team flag and formation. Under the guidance of professional coaches, training was conducted for such projects as 

"Rapid 60 Seconds," "Trust Back," "The Heli Bridge," "The Hand of Angels," "The Tower of Hanoi," and the "Escape Wall." During the training, 

everyone “forgot about the job level, forgetting the sex of men and women, forgetting the age difference”, actively participating in the 

activities, taking the competition as the driving force, depending on the success as the goal, and adopting enough enthusiasm to accept the test 

of various training projects. . In particular, the “Escape Wall” project, where all employees are united in one mind and united, lives and 

died, and the flesh-and-blood experience, consolidates participants into an indestructible group, and finally completes the task with 8 minutes 

and 59 seconds.

   Through outreach training, the company’s employees have deepened their understanding, tempered their will, and fused their team spirit. 

After the completion of the training, everyone expressed that they had made a lot of achievements and they would apply the spirit of the 

activities to their practical work to redouble their efforts for the future of De Run